Automatic Vehicle Recognition System.

Automatic Vehicle Detection System A.V.R.

A.V.R. is a `hands free' priority access system, providing coded vehicle recognition for use with automatic traffic barriers or gates.

The computer based system, with up to 68 billion available, codes provides a competitively priced high security solution, where access control is required with any number of vehicles at a single monitoring point, with the provision to be expanded to cover up to 9 entry or exit points.

Each vehicle is equipped with a special transmitter, sending a unique code. This coded signal is detected at the entry or exit point when the vehicle crosses a ground loop, buried beneath the road surface.

The A.V.R control panel will signal the gate or barrier to open, with automatic closing immediately upon the vehicles departure.

A.V.R. also accepts safety impulses from presence detector or photocell, thereby preventing closure before the vehicle has left the monitoring point. A sequential traffic light control function is also incorporated, which may also be interfaced with audio/visual alarms, to warn of unauthorized vehicle presence. A manual override facility also provides for access of `non system' vehicles, actuated by security guard or from some other remote point.

A.V.R. options include day and time zone programming, printer, detailing date, time vehicle code, monitoring point and direction.

Print outs may also show all vehicles on site, correlation with vehicle registration, and last time in/out.

Please ask for details on these linked program options and our programmable access control system, for personnel control, easily interfaced with both A.V.R. and business management systems.


Typically, for a single barrier entry/exit system, two detection loops of approximately 2m2, plus an additional presence detector are used. Detection loops are single turn hyperlon cable installed into 40mm deep x 6mm wide slots, back-filled with epoxy resin or bitumen.

Loop detection area4 - 60m2
Detection cut off 2m outside loop
Resistance10 ohms, including loop tails
Detection height (4 x 4m loop) 1500mm

Vehicle mounted transmitters are mounted vertically within clear sight of the road, a minimum of 1OOmm away from metallic objects excluding the mounting surface.

Motivation provide a full installation and commissioning service, including civil work if required.


As with all Motivation products, A.V.R. is covered by our comprehensive twelve month parts and labour warranty if installed by our engineers. A two year warranty option is available if covered by maintenance contract within twenty-eight days of invoice date.