The Delta Automatic Sliding Gate.

An award-winning combination of function and design.

The unique Delta cantilever gate was awarded for "Good Industrial Design". The design is perfectly suited to underline the image of your company. The Delta is available in colours which contrast or harmonize with the surroundings. The gate can also be fitted with your logo and/or livery in your corporate colour scheme.

In terms of function, the Delta gate has no competitors. Unlike other gates with their ponderous operation, the Delta responds to a feather-light touch. The running wheels cannot be blocked by dirt, leaves or snow. In combination with the patented cantilever construction, the wheels provide enormous stability and operational reliability. The unique construction and low weight of the gate mean that only minimal anchoring is required, in comparison with conventional sliding gates. Also, the modular concept of the gate, with separate girder, bars and guide posts makes it quick and economical to repair. If you value appearance and quality, the Delta gate is your logical choice.

Attractive in every finish As well as the basic model with aluminum girder and galvanized bars, the Delta gate is also available in coated finishes. The design and the use of colour combinations make the Delta gate a beautifully stylish entrance. There is a choice of five standard colours: white, black, grey, green and environmentally-friendly Green. The visual function is further strengthened by the fact that the gate is available in three different versions: Heracles, Atlas and Olympus, to integrate with bar fencing systems of the same name. Naturally, the Delta gate can also be combined with chain-link fencing. The free opening can vary between 2 and 8.5 meters in width, or a maximum of 17 meters in the double gate system.

High level of security

The Delta entrance not only looks good, it is also extremely secure. The unique cantilever construction in the girder does away with the need for diagonal struts. That means there is no foothold to climb over it. All the nut and bolt connections are countersunk, which rules out sabotage. The running wheels are shielded and positioned on the inside of the fencing. The security lock is tamper-proof. A sharp serrated top (Heracles version) or beveled vertical bars (Atlas and Olympus versions) are standard from a height of 1.5 meters upwards.

Remote control and access control.

The Delta gate offers you the convenience of remote control, from the gate-house or central surveillance desk for example. You can choose this option now or later, since the gate is already equipped for electric power as standard. The Delta gate can be supplied with a wide assortment of security and automation functions, such as safety cut off mechanisms, cameras, flashlights and barriers. The applied components, control and power systems can be combined with other functions for security, registration, authorization and suchlike.

Full technical specifications for the Delta gate are provided in a separate data sheet, available on request.