Intercom Systems.

Our modular range of intercom systems has been designed to meet today's demands of perimeter security and access control.

Slave units are manufactured in stainless steel vandal resistant enclosures rated to IP6S, and these are commonly housed in one of our various types of intercom posts, which are themselves highly visible and attractive, finished in a red p.p.a. plastic coating.

These potentially vulnerable components are therefore both highly aesthetic, and very durable against attack from the weather and vandalism.

Our range of stylish control consoles are also designed to be simple to operate, of modern appearance, whilst providing a technical performance which we feel is unmatched by any other manufacturer.

Every system is carefully mapped, installed and then fine tuned working to strict performance parameters, to provide technical excellence every time. We guarantee this, no matter how harsh the operating environment. With these systems, you hear the caller rather than his H.G.V. engine, and over almost any distance, speech clarity is maintained without annoying electrical noise and interference.

Being a modular system, we have the ability to cover a wide range of applications. From a single entry or exit point, up to an almost limitless number, which may include not only perimeter access control, but that of industrial and personnel doorways throughout the site.

Control consoles may be located at individual entry/exit points, and or at a central location, with or without automatic override for times where individual access points are unmanned. Central control does not even need to be on the same site, as we are fully B.T. approved for telemetry systems using dedicated lines.

The permutations covering our intercom system capability are virtually endless. If you would therefore like to discuss your own requirements, please contact our technical sales department. We would be happy to provide an on-site demonstration either at your own premises or with an existing client's system, subject to approval.

We provide a Total Service, as with all our products. This extends from offering full civil works capability, installation, after sales service throughout the country, fully comprehensive warranty cover, and highly competitive maintenance schedules. We normally cover all of these items in our estimates - so beware - not all suppliers are the same