Induction Loop Installation.

1. Cutting the cable slot in the roadway.

2. Cable slot corner radius.

3. Laying the Hyperlon cable.

4. Backfilling the cable slot.

5. Heat sealing the backfill.

6. Inductive loop installed.

Induction loop presence detectors are based upon the principle of the change of inductance in a coil whose electro-magnetic field is interrupted by a metallic object. The coil is represented by special cable loops embedded in the roadway whose inductance is reduced when crossed by a vehicle. All Motivation detectors are micro processor based, digital types of the most modern specification, proven reliability, with a large margin for movement and roadway settlement, plus good sensitivity to detect a wide parameter of vehicle sizes. All types are self tuning. The mode detection may be by vehicle presence, a pulse impulse (crossing or leaving the dedicated area) or with delay before impulse . Motivation induction loop detectors are an obvious answer where vehicular only access is required automatically and is nearly always incorporated in car park projects utilising our range of traffic control barriers.

Motivation (Traffic Control) Limited are committed to installing all types of automatic vehicle detection loops, the entire package is installed by our factory trained engineers. A point that demonstrates our commitment is proven by the fact that we are fully equipped to install induction loops without the need to employ outside contractors.