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Motivation (Traffic Control) Limited


Unit 5, Horton Court, Hortonwood 50, Telford, Shropshire TF1 7XZ. U. K.


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Tiger Barrier Parking Posts Batch Coded Card Readers Intercoms
Cheetah Barrier Delta Sliding Gate Void - Validate Card Readers Induction Loop Detectors
Panther Barrier S.H.B. Sliding Gate Networked Card Readers Safety Photocells
Puma Barrier Swing Gates Automatic Vehicle Recognition Actuation Devices
Roadrunner Height Restrictor Fencing Remote Control Transmitters Traffic Flow Plates



Tiger Automatic Traffic Barrier - The widely specified Tiger barrier is suitable for road-widths up to 7 meters wide, suitable for a single phase incoming supply with on-board frequency inverter for greater motor speed control.


Cheetah Automatic Parking Barrier - Suitable for road-widths up to 10 meters wide from a single phase power supply, optional low headroom articulated arm is available with this multi-functional barrier system.


Panther Manual Rising Barrier - A feat only made possible by high volume production of the hugely successful manual rising barrier, its high specification, low price and rapid delivery makes it a quick solution to many site problems.


Puma Manual Swing Barrier - Another "Best Seller", the Puma offers all the features of the Panther manual rising barrier, but s designed to swing through 90 degrees in either direction from its closed position.


Roadrunner Vehicle Height Restriction Barrier - The Roadrunner has a deliberate family resemblance to our other products as it is often used in conjunction with them, designed to restrict vehicular movements to vehicles up to 2 meters high with a fully adjustable nudge bar offering + or - 100mm in the total clearance height.


Parking Posts - An elaborate range of parking posts with a wide choice of finishing's ranging from powder coating to natural galvanizing (or a combination of both), these items are manufactured specifically to complement our range of barriers.


Delta Sliding Gate - A fully cantilevered sliding gate system designed around an unique lower support beam profile that allows total opening widths up to 8.5 meters, available in either manual or automatic modes of operation.


S. H. B. Sliding Gate - A conventional floor mounted tracked gate system featuring totally maintenance free ground roller bearings, with opening widths up to 14 meters, again available in either manual or automatic mode of operation.


Swing Gates - The complete answer to to automatic swing gate operators, ranging from the industry standard light duty linear drives for pedestrian access gates right up to our heavy duty operator capable of safely driving gates up to 7 meters wide.


Fencing - A bar fencing system with its clean, attractive and modern design quality in every aspect.


Batch Coded Card Reader - A simple stand alone card reading system that accepts all cards that are identically coded, each site has its own unique "site code" that will be retained on our contract files.


Void Validate Card Reader System - These stand alone card reading systems can use either proximity or swipe cards dependant on the customers preference, validating of the cards is undertaken by our qualified engineers and demonstrations on how to void cards is part of our commissioning and hand over ceremony.


Networked Card Reader Systems - This is the next step up from a void validate card reading system where all the local card readers are fed onto the local area network, access to the controllers is via a dedicated PC running the necessary software and free updates


Automatic Vehicle Recognition System - A completely hands free access system where detection of the vehicle as it approaches the barrier or gate to actuate automatically, ideal where space on the approach to a barrier or gate is at a premium.


Remote Control Transmitters - The obvious choice for the actuation of a barrier or gate from a distance, these radio remote controls can be interfaced into any of our automatic products giving the luxury of remote operation.


Intercoms - We provide a modular range of intercom systems designed to meet today's demands on perimeter security and access control, and have actively promoting intercom using the GSM mobile phone network, this type of intercom reduces external cabling and allows remote programming using site specific software, all external slave units are completely "hands free" operation to ensure driver safety at all times and are encased in a stainless steel vandal resistant enclosure rated to a minimum of IP65 as standard.


Induction Vehicle Loop Detectors - The induction loop is effectively the most critical part of any vehicle detection system, and considered to be the first form of defence any any component malfunction, Motivation (Traffic Control) Limited have an enviable reputation of being master installers of these items and are often employed by our direct competitors to undertake this portion of traffic control projects.


Safety Photocells - An invisible pencil beam used to detect obstacles below the barrier boom centre line providing a "fail-safe" touch-less safety device for applications where pedestrians may be at risk


Actuation devices - Motivation (Traffic Control) Limited are constantly monitoring the progress of new products as they are introduced to the traffic control industry, we supply and install every possible actuation product available including , radio remote control, rolling code transmitters, actuation via mobile phone etc. etc.


Traffic Flow Plates - Traffic flow plates are an ideal solution for the control of vehicles moving in one direction only.