The S.H.B. Automatic Sliding Gate.

Up to 17 meters of safe, tailor-made access.

The SHB sliding gate provides tailor-made access, both in height and width. The double version of this gate can span a width of up to 17 meters and even then the ground track and runner system ensure extremely smooth and stable running for years on end. The anti-run out safety device prevents derailing of the gate. Not only this, but because the gate slides along the rear of the fencing none of the available ground on the premises is lost. The sliding gate can be combined with every fencing system, and can of course be supplemented with a pedestrian gate.

Quickly replaceable elements.

From widths of 5 meters upwards the gate is constructed from elements that are quick and easy to replace. This means that in the event of damage it is not necessary to replace the entire gate.

Hot dip galvanized and coated.

The SHB sliding gate is always hot dip galvanized. If required it is available coated in one of the five standard colours: white, black, grey, green and the environmentally friendly green. The high-quality powder coating gives double durability and an especially attractive appearance. The SHB sliding gate is available in three models: Heracles, Atlas and Olympus, similar to the bar fencing systems of the same name.

From heights of 1.50 meters the sliding gate is equipped with a sharp serrated strip (Heracles model) or bevelled bar top (Atlas and Olympus models).

Electrical Operation.

Full electrical operation of the gate can be provided from the outset, or even years after installation. Further expansion of modular systems for personal security, vehicle detection and access control can be fined on construction or added later. This could be for the control of one single entrance or an integrated system for controlling multiple entrances.

Full technical specifications for the SHB sliding gate are provided in a separate data sheet, available on request.