Swing Gate Operators.

Motivation (Traffic Control) Limited offer the complete answer to automatic swing gate operators, ranging from a light duty linear drive for pedestrian gates right through to our heavy duty operator capable of automating gates up to 6 meters wide.

All swing gate operators are powered by electro mechanical operators without any hydraulics, pneumatics or valves allowing us to boast that all gates operate swiftly and silently in both directions and can be blocked in any position. Each leaf is powered independently by its own motor and can therefore operate regardless of the position of the other leaf. If one leaf is prevented from opening this has no effect on the other leaf.

In the event of a power failure the gates can easily be operated by hand. Closing is achieved by reversing the motor thus not depending on internal springs.

Each electro mechanical drive unit is compact and robust in assembly and easy to retrofit onto almost any swing gate. Dependant on which operator is specified the finish remains the same that is, all exposed metal work is either galvanised or powder coated, internal items are passivated to ensure a long life and protection against corrosion.

Our top of the range operator is only supplied with a 3 phase motor and specially manufactured triple reduction gearbox, with the final drive located by industrial precision bearings. An adjustable friction clutch provides full safety in both directions should the gate meet an obstruction, following which the control system will de energise power automatically if no other safety is included. All internal connections are pre-wired by our factory technicians to a main terminal strip and laser force cut release limit switch cams are also in-built and pre-wired. The adjustable drive arm features a quick release free wheeling device to give manual actuation in the event of a power failure.

As with all Motivation products a wide range of control and peripheral equipment is available specially designed for gate entry/exit systems.