The Tiger Automatic Traffic Barrier.

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The Tiger is a high quality automatic barrier, capable of spanning roadways of up to 7 meters wide, and operating from either 415 volts (3 phase), or 240 volts (single phase) supply.

Its modern and pleasing external appearance, hides a drive control mechanism where no item has been spared our meticulous attention to detail.

The finish and quality of the Tiger barrier is simply without equal. It is for example, the only barrier produced with its entire framework having being hand prepared, shot-blasted and then plastic coated in a red P.P.A. This is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing of the plastics coatings available, which also keys to and flows over the base metal with a thickness and consistency that is unmatched. It is also one of the many features which allow us to offer, in addition to our normal parts warranty, a three year anti-corrosion guarantee. No other supplier of these products currently offers such guarantee.

The internal drive mechanism is designed to provide durable and consistent performance, with minimal maintenance. Which is why we zinc plate (with yellow passivation) every moving part of the mechanism. It is also why we fit an automatic lubricating system to the drive screw, further prolonging the mechanism's life. No other barrier operating with a similar mechanism has either of these features.

Apart from being reliable the performance must be consistent. Attention to detail here has resulted in the development of an unique clutch arrangement built within the drive train, which ensures that the barrier arm is arrested at its true vertical and horizontal positions for every operating cycle. This is particularly important where a pair of barriers are employed across a roadway with the arms meeting in the centre. The Tiger barrier arms will always line up with pin-point accuracy - every time.

Our attention to detail continues with the cover itself. This is a vandal resistant plastic moulding, fully weatherproofed and of course is totally resistant to cracking, rusting or fading as is common with other materials. It is fixed to the main framework by tamperproof fasteners, for which a special tool is required (supplied with the barrier).

In the event of a power failure the Tiger barrier can be manually operated by a front mounted hand crank arrangement.

The on-board control panel is designed to accept all standard and optional signalling and access control devices within our range. And should a power failure occur at any time full manual override can be obtained by the user without needing to remove the cover or perform any other type of operation beforehand.

The cast aluminium boom carrier locates both the extruded aluminium arm, and where required, the counterbalance.

The boom is a special aluminium extrusion of unique profile, designed to both minimise flexing and present a highly visible target. It is specially designed to break at approximately 5OOmm from its pivot point, without damaging the mechanism. This is especially important in situations where, for example, access is required by emergency service vehicles.

The boom is also supplied as standard with a choice of 2 STOP signs, or 1 STOP & 1 NO-ENTRY sign at its midpoint. The boom tip is finished with an EPDM moulded cap.

Where fitted, the counterbalance is also plastic coated in white e.v.a. to match the cover, whilst the boom is electro-statically spray painted in red/white stripes as standard.

Optional colours are available to the frame, boom, cover and counterbalance to match site or corporate identity at a small additional charge.

Optional extras for the Tiger barrier include:

* Xenon flashing lights (affixed to STOP/NO ENTRY signs)

* P.P.A. plastic coated crutch posts (Recommended over 6m)

* Fixed and Folding PVC skirts

* HGV height STOP/NO-ENTRY signs (See separate data sheet)

Full range of access control peripheral equipment

We offer a nation-wide installation and after sales service capability. Installation can include all preparatory work, casting plinths, installing ducting and cabling, in addition to the normal connect and commission service.

Where estimates include for installation, this also includes for a detailed site survey to be undertaken prior to final acceptance of details. All estimates will separately detail the cost of a maintenance contract for the equipment itemised.

All Tiger barriers are covered by a 3 year anti-corrosion guarantee, and a comprehensive 12 months parts and labour warranty where installed or commissioned by our engineers.