Void - Validate Card Readers


The successful choice of barrier can only be fully appreciated if the correct form of actuation is employed to operate that barrier. Motivation present a comprehensive range of card reading systems designed to offer the end user every conceivable option when designing or even upgrading traffic control systems. For further encouragement our site sales staff are factory trained on access control equipment, which is further backed up by office-based technicians who’s combined years service extend past 50 years.


Initially card readers are split into 2 categories. Either batch coded, where every card is magnetically encoded the same or, "void-validate" where each card is individually coded (either sequentially or offset) thus offering the facility to track the card. In both instances we allocate a unique site code that remains secure to your site ensuring these cards cannot be used elsewhere.


As true British manufacturers, all card reading heads are housed in a vandal resistant steel enclosure attached to a fully welded post using the hollow section of the post to conceal any cables required for operation. The final finish of the post is then treated the same as its associated product to provide a modern appearance thereby complimenting all peripheral items within our range.


Our understanding of vehicular movement is unsurpassed with regard to setting the card reader in the correct position. Our sales staffs will advice you on minimum requirements whether the traffic is car. Heavy goods or something in between, and our fabrication facilities will ensure that the card reading head will not intrude within the roadway.


Shown here, is a simple void - validate card reader using a proximity reading head, which is used in applications where a higher level of security is essential and the need to monitor card movement or use is required. Our entry level is the V 100 card reader controller that is capable of accepting either a swipe or proximity reading head, which can be mounted remotely if required.


The V 100 is capable of accepting a total of 4000 cards with the facility to track each card and an on-board verification facility. In addition, the V100 can be programmed with timed anti-passback (up to 20 minutes), a very important feature to ensure a card can only be used once within the allocated time period.


In keeping with our other forms of actuation, each site is designated its own individual code after-which each card is then sequentially numbered. Every system is supplied with all cards fully programmed; our commissioning engineers then spend sufficient time demonstrating the control panel capabilities.